Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Educators, writers, and parents, perk up your ears! I became a guest author for BoomWriter this week. BoomWriter is a website where a guest author starts a story (Chapter 1), the kids write their own Chapter 2 (they even work with an editor), and then the online community vote to see whose chapter wins. When an entire book is complete, the kids can purchase their own soft cover copy.

BoomWriter is in 600 schools already. Check out the website for more info!

Oh, my first story start is, I'M NOT A REAL ZOMBIE (BUT I PLAY ONE ON TV).


  1. Whew - this post gave me an adrenaline surge. Can't wait to check it out. The kids in my class would go bonkers for this.

    1. Leslie, I thought of your class when I posted this. I love this concept!