Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Win a copy of JACOB WONDERBAR AND THE COSMIC SPACE KAPOW by NATHAN BRANSFORD and illustrated by C.S. JENNINGS! This book is every bit as great as it sounds. "Space travel is all fun and games until someone breaks the universe." Substitute teachers and sprinklers. Planets that smell like burp breath. Space pirates.Yeah. So there you have it. And you CAN have it! I will send a copy of this hilarious book to the person who makes up the best planet and its inhabitants. Give your planet a name, describe it, and tell me who lives there. Contest ends June 10th, so GO!


  1. What a wonderful blog! I can't wait to come up with a planet and inhabitants for your contest - I'm brainstorming right this minute and I'll tell my kids! It was fantastic to see in your profile that you have nine children. I have ten - all mine, not from a combined marriage. It's amazingly wonderful to have bunches of kids isn't it?!!! I'm a writer too - it's so great to meet you! :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Brenda! I guess I need to update my profile, I have ten kiddos (8 mo little girl!) Yay! For big families with writing moms! (I think we need to talk!)

  3. Jacob Wonderbar is definitely on my read-aloud to the class list for next year. Loved the trailer. The contest sounds like a blast. BTW the first time I read LOSER to my class I cried my eyes out.

  4. Leslie, this is one of those books that snagged me with the title. I owe Nathan, it was his blog advice that helped me craft the pitch that snagged my agent. Funny and smart guy.
    Thanks for the warning about LOSER. I'll sandwich it between the lighter books I'm reading this summer!

  5. I would name my planet K-Rock. It would have guitar traffic lights and lamp posts. The ground would be purple, and the sky would be red. The stars above would be shaped like music notes. You could listen to music all day. You would have to be a rock star to live on K-Rock!


    Kassidy C.

  6. Kassidy,
    What a fabulous idea for a planet! Good luck in the contest!

  7. My planet is called Planet Love. The beings are similar to humans in stature, yet higher in intelligence. They are called thera. Their suroundings change according to their wishes. Each being perceives their environment differently. If one desires a beach of white sand, it is so. If one desires a rainbow of candy, it is so. There is no hatred. Each therum lives and lets his neighbor live without begrudging them anything. There are no laws, as there is no need for them. Each one fulfills a predestined station in life. The thera perform their duties happily with the knowledge that they have no needs. Each individual works for the greater good of the planet.

    That's my planet. Would you like to visit?

  8. Tania,
    I would LOVE to live on Planet Love. I'll take an English cottage covered in ivy on some rolling green hills. That candy rainbow sounds good, too. My clouds would be cotton candy and the rain would be . . . hmm . . . I'll have to give that some thought. Everything I think of would be too sticky!
    Thanks for stopping by and entering!

  9. Hi Michelle! Here's my planet - it's called Pellium. It starts with a P in honor of poor Pluto who was stripped of its planetary honors. Oh woe is Pluto! Weep, weep, sniff.

    Okay, I'll get on with it - Pellium is much like Earth, except star dust sifts through the air all around it, the same as all the other surrounding planets.

    But while the inhabitants of those other planets find the constant barrage of worthless star dust annoying, Pelliumites invented clever ideas for collecting the star dust.

    And they discovered that it's quite valuable in many ways—like providing energy, beautification of their homes and parks, even adding an ambrosia flavor to their culinary creations. The uses of Star Dust are endless!

    And there's my planet! This was so much fun! Thanks! I hope all is well for your family and your writing! :)

  10. Ha! Brenda, that's a great planet! It's too bad Earth dust is not so useful, because we've got plenty of it here in Kansas. And yes, I too feel sorry for Pluto, being demoted after all of this time!

    All is well on this end. Thanks for asking, and thanks for entering!