Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's show time at the CHILDREN'S THEATER OF WELLINGTON which means my life has been consumed by all things acting this last month. And writing. And directing. REMOTE CONTROL is a ton of fun. Imagine a magic remote, and the chaos that ensues when a brother and sister use it against each other and bring their favorite T.V. characters into their living room. Throw in a gorilla with a belly ache and you get the picture. 

Any of you into acting? What shows have you been in? What shows would you like to be in? Got any great ideas for a play? (I'm always looking for fresh material!)

Speaking of acting, I just heard that Walden Media is making THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW by C.S. Lewis! I can't wait to see how they bring the book to life. It's my second favorite Chronicle of Narnia, right behind THE DAWN TREADER. And speaking of THE DAWN TREADER, did you see the movie? How do you think it compared to the book? 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thanks to all who entered our Highlights Subscription Giveaway! View the video below to see who won. Winner, email me at mlbrown90 @ att dot net with your address. Happy Hidden Pictures!!!!