Saturday, January 21, 2012


Check out my latest story on knowonder! BASIL AND THE BREAD is a retelling of a middle-eastern folktale. Don't read it on an empty stomach!


  1. Hi Michelle! I can't wait to check this out—here I go!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful story! I LOVED it!!! I laughed, I growled, I ranted and raved, I gasped in surprise, and I cheered! I love it when I read a story and experience that rare thrill of pure enjoyment! It'll be so fun to read this to my kids and tell them I know the author!

    I'm so excited for you that you're writing stories for knowonder! What a wonderful thing! And happy congratulations on expecting your eleventh child! Wahoo! That's inexpressibly Fantastic! You're gonna beat me now!

    How wonderful it is to come on over to your blog again! I missed you! I've been so busy with my son's wedding, Christmas, my daughter leaving for college, etc., but now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Wahoo for Michelle!

  3. Brenda, you are too sweet! Thank you for the kind words! Wow, and I thought we'd had a lot of major life events! Congratulations on your son's wedding! And I hope you aren't missing your daughter too terribly, although no matter how many children you have, I find you miss the ones who are away just as much.

    I've been glad to get back in the swing as well. Regular life is a beautiful thing!

  4. Like Brenda^, I loved the story also. Go, Girl!

  5. Adorable story, and that is one fuzzy donkey in the picture. You should have a link so we can buy anise bread. Maybe they'll have it on QVC this weekend.