Friday, June 17, 2011


Yes, I love alliteration! And I love birthdays! And I love MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS! What do these things have in common? Well, in honor of my daughter, Hannah's 19th birthday, and the opening of MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS (this isn't an endorsement, since I haven't seen it yet, but did I mention how great the book is?) I'm giving away a PENGUIN PRIZE PACKAGE!

It will be filled with things Hannah loves (and she loves Mr. Popper and his flippered friends), like the book, Hot Tamales, a stuffed pony, a stuffed penguin AND a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card! (Stuffed items subject to change.) More random items may be included. 

How to enter: Tell me what animal you would have if you could and how you would feed it. It does not have to be an animal that lives on this planet. Purely imaginary animals are fine, too. In fact, they are better!

Contest ends July 1st!



    I LOVE this post! Your daughter is so beautiful and I can tell that she is so beautiful on the inside too! I love her name!

    What a fun contest- you think of the best ideas! I'll tell my kids about it! And thanks for tagging me - I had a lot of fun doing it although I'm sure I'm way too crazy!

  2. Happy birthday to Hannah!

    I'm not sure your contest applies to Canada, but my daughters are very excited about Mr. Popper's penguins, too. It's one of their favourite books. I'm doubtful that the movie will live up to their expectations, but we'll see.

    We've actually always wanted a pet rabbit (not too unusual) and my younger daughter would like to have a pony and let it eat the grass in our lawn.

  3. Hi, Michelle! I hopped over from Brenda's blog and thought I play along with your fun question. I'd have a chimp and I'd put it in a high chair and feed it like a baby. (is that what you meant by how would you feed it?;) Weird, I know, but they are so cute!!

  4. Yay for Hannah's birthday. My son turned 19 this year. Great age. Mr. Popper's Penguins was one of the books I read over and over. Love it.

    There was a movie when I was a kid called SAMMY THE WAYWARD SEAL. Since then I always wanted a seal that would live between my bathtub and a stand-up backyard pool. I'll have to put someone else on fish feeding duty - eeewwww.

  5. Thanks, Ladies!
    @Brenda, yes, Hannah is a treasure! Bring your kids on board. I'd love to pick their creative minds!

    @Andrea, Canada is just next door, you're welcome to play. Tell your daughter we have three "ponies." My kids are horse crazy, like their mother!

    @Katie, I always wanted a chimp, too! (But then I always wanted to be a zoo keeper ;)

    @Leslie, the seals were always my favorites growing up. Sadly, our zoo is sealess. But we do have penguins!

    It's been hard learning to adjust to not having Hannah at home most of the time, but I agree, 19 is an age full of adventure!

  6. Hey! I found you thanks to Brenda Sills. She tagged me and you tagged her. Lucky me. Shoot! There's no question about which animal I'd choose. I'd love a baby lion. Of course, I'd bottle feed it..Are they born with teeth? Ah, heck, I guess I don't care one way or the other because they are so darn cute.

  7. When I was crazy enough to home school, Mr. Popper's Penguins was on our reading list :). Love that book! The pet I would like is a whangdoodle (As in Julie (Andrews) Edward's book The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles). Since whangdoodles have a wonderful sweet tooth (complete with little flower on top), I would stuff her with brownies!!

  8. Great picture. And I"m such a typical girl. That in another life time I'd love to have a small farm and have a few horses!

  9. @Cindy, there is NOTHING cuter than a baby lion! Any friend of Brenda's is a friend o' mine! Thanks for playing!

    @Roseanne, send your whangdoodle over here to munch on the brownies in my banner. They're wrecking my diet! (And I'm still crazy enough to homeschool. MPP is on our reading list, too! Good ol' Learning Language Through Literature.)

    @Laura, I've always dreamed of a horse farm in Kentucky. Bright green paddocks, white fences, the whole shabang. Someday!

  10. Hey Michelle - I'm running out to my son's BBall game, but before I go, I wanted to tell you that I awarded you THE IRRESISTIBLY SWEET BLOG AWARD! Yay Michelle! You are so Wonderful! You can check out what to do on my blog. :)

  11. Oh! My very first blog award, so appropriately named, too! THANK YOU!!!

  12. Hey! My name is Michelle (Shelly) Brown, too! WOW!

    I would have chickens. Yes, they are of this world. Yes, I would eat the eggs. I would feed them chicken feed from the store.

    Wow, for a writer that was REALLY unimaginative.

    OK, I would have a sneazey-snake, the kind that come from Breezy Lake, and feed it from my Easy-Bake, the cookies it loves best.

  13. Shelly! Your sneazey-snake rhyme cracked me up! How clever!

    I would love to have chickens, too. I would love to have a whole farm, and maybe I will someday. But I know from experience how much work they are. I've been henpecked while hunting eggs, too. My kids can do that part! ;) In fact, there's a rooster named Ol' Cockletop in my novel (in homage to my Grandpa's rooster of the same name.)

    Shelly is my nickname, and I live in a small town, in what is an increasingly smaller world! So great to meet you!

  14. My kids want to see the movie, but I haven't heard yet if it's any good. I was hoping you could tell me. :D

    And I didn't realize it was based on a book.

  15. Stina, my 19 yo said it was "cute" and that she loved it. I'm waiting 'til it comes to our little theater, probably next week, since I'll have to take a passel of kids. And it's a very old book!
    Thanks for "popping" by!

  16. I would like to have a pet eagle. I would find it bugs and worms from the garden, and it would share the table scraps with our dog. It would fly everywhere with me!


    Mara C.

  17. I'd like to have a dolphin because I like their curved bodies and their cute little mouths. I would make it do tricks for squid and fish. I'm going to see live dolphins for the first time on our vacation! Thanks!

    Kassidy C.

  18. Mara and Kassidy, those are GREAT choices. We like to go to a Scottish Festival in the fall where they have falcon demonstrations. My daughter Hannah has always wanted of those birds! An eagle could also kill snakes, which could come in handy!

    Dolphins are amazing! I'm so jealous that you get to see them up close. Have a wonderful vacation!

  19. I would like to have a cheetah and I would feed it polka dots so it would have more dots on it. I would name it Spottie. I like to run fast and so do cheetahs; we could race all the way to California! Any way at my house, we have or had a goat, 3 horses, 1 mule, tons and tons of pigs, cows, cats, dogs, geese, ducks, tukeys, an ostrich, chickens and quail. Earlier this month we had a baby calf born. We named her Payzleigh, a different name I know but she is so cute! She is like a dark brown and reddish color with a white face and black around her head and eyes. Before we knew what she was I said she was a girl because she had on eyeliner!!!!!!! ha ha!

    Bekah R.

  20. Bekah, what a fabulous idea! I love cheetahs, too! We studied them in school last year, and watched slow motion footage of them running. So cool! Thanks for stopping by!